More than 17 years

Companies are emerging and disappearing. Establishing a stable company in todays commercial environment is a truly challenging task. Due to the incredibly complex bureaucracy or even due to the Clients and company partners themselves, small and medium-sized businesses many times end up insolvent. We are proud of being on the market for more than 16 years and of the work exceptionally completed and delivered and are grateful for all our successes.


It all started with one language

In the beginning, there was really one foreign language only. We didn't have customers, name or experience to back us up. Despite our motto ‘Honestly’, we grew very slowly at first. But the perseverance and a desire to learn was stronger in us. Not even the difficult beginnings discouraged us. In 2003, the agency's owner opened up a Trade License to offer Language Services. The year 2011 brought the company the legal status of a limited liability company and the entry into the international market opened up.


Perseverance has paid out

The company started growing rapidly and the interest in translation services had increased. New branches were established and interest in cooperation grew. We acquired valuable certificates and were building a portfolio of supplementary services that are invaluable to many of our Clients. We have created mechanisms that enabled us to be a part of many business processes. We built the know-how that led us to join the leaders. We have fulfilled our bold vision of being among the best, and we are successful.


There is over 200 of us

Our team consists of more than 200 top translators and interpreters from around the globe. Our work has earned respect and international recognition in the world. We are constantly putting new processes and technologies in place that help us moving forward. We continuously expend the market and maintain the stability and prosperity of translation and interpreting services. Satisfied Clients from all over the world keep returning to us and yet we are still grateful for every and each translation. It is because our work is our mission.

Our team

We will be happy to provide an advise

Our company, as after all most companies do, stands and falls on the team that works well together. Team’s expertise, experience and ability to adapt and compromise plays a crucial role. Important is also the motivation or empathy, without which it would simply not work. We are proud of every single team member. Let us introduce to you managers of the branches that are here for you in the five largest cities around Slovakia.