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All services are divided into three three basic groups. The main and most sought after group is Translations of official and non-official documents. With these, we put emphasis on the highest quality and on time guarantee. Another group of most requested services is Professional Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting. We use our own ISO certified technology, making us completely self-sufficient. Due to a high demand on the part of our Clients, we are preparing also Language Courses.


We provide translations of legal and non-legal documents, including supplementary services. We place emphases on the high quality and time guarantee.

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We provide highly professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. We also use complete interpreting technology that carries the ISO certification.

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Language Courses

We will prepare group and individual tailor-made courses for you. We offer services of professional Lecturers and structure the curriculum according to the Client's needs.

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Fill in a simple form and we will send you a price quotation immediately. Make sure all information provided is correct. You can upload multiple documents in any format for up to 10MB. All you have to do is enter all the specifications and submit the form.